Courses Taught

Current courses

  1. PRT4302: Agroclimatology (Agroiklim)

  2. SST4304: Climate Change and Agriculture (Perubahan Iklim dan Pertanian)

  3. SST4303: Soil Conservation (Pemuliharaan Tanah)

  4. SST4302: Soil Physics (Fizik Tanah)

  5. PRT3201: Basic Statistics for Agriculture Science (Asas Statistik bagi Sains Pertanian)

  6. PRT2008: Agriculture and Man (Pertanian dan Manusia)

Old courses

  1. PRT4301: Modelling and Computer Simulations in Agriculture (Permodelan dan Simulasi Komputer Dalam Pertanian)

  2. SST3302: Water Resources and Climate (Sumber Air dan Iklim)

  3. BIP3004: Agriculture Systems (Sistem Pertanian)

  4. BIP3402: Experimental Design and Analysis (Rekabentuk Eksperimen dan Analisis)