My family’s visit to Taj Mahal, India on Christmas Day, 2010

I am a senior lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia (Serdang campus at Selangor). My field of expertise is in crop modelling, environmental biophysics, and soil conservation. Thus, I teach and research in those areas at my university.

I am married and have a son.

I can be contacted by telephone at: +60-(0)-3-8947-4858, or by fax: +60-(0)-3-8940-8316.

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  1. Just popping by to say how grateful I am to have found this treasure chest. Please keep up the brilliant work, Mr Teh!


  2. Hi Mr.Christopher Teh

    I’m a student from Sunway University of DCLA. I’m doing my second year degree program right now, there is a assignment project about deforestation. Do you know that any of NGO or company in KL except SAM in penang? I would like to interview them for my project.

  3. Mr Christopher,

    Thank you very much for your opinions on children’s education. Also , thank you so much for the post on the Tanarata International School. I am looking forward to send my daughter ( 5 this year) to this place. Its close to my house and reasonable in their fees compared to the other schools.

    How has your experience been with the school and for the young man ?

    Anxious mom

  4. Hello Mr Christopher Teh,

    I’m a business journalist with the New Straits Times and I find some of your viewpoints in your blog interesting, especially about rubber and oil palm plantations.

    From time to time, I would need to gather opinions from academicians on tropical agriculture. If you are alright with giving your views, please reply me.

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