Learning Management System (LMS)

Last week, I was “forced” by a certain person to participate in the Putra LMS workshop. I say “forced” because I was actually planning not to attend the workshop, even though attendance was supposed to be compulsory.

Putra LMS stands for my university’s Learning Management System. Essentially, Putra LMS is a system where lecturers can upload course notes and other materials that students can download. It is also a system where students and lecturers can participate in forums. With Putra LMS, lecturers can also enter students’ tests results and class attendance.

However, our current SMP (Sistem Maklumat Pelajar) is not in speaking terms with Putra LMS, so test results entries would not be transferred to SMP (and vice versa). Also, the student list for a course is also not updated in Putra LMS.

In short, you would be wasting your time with Putra LMS if you use it to keep track of your students or use it to enter the students’ test results. And you would also be wasting your time with the other features in Putra LMS because, frankly, no one either knows about it or even if they do, will care. Think of Putra LMS like a fancy TV remote control — copious buttons but all you need is really just the On/Off, Volume, and Channel buttons.

Nonetheless, I found the latest changes to Putra LMS much less irritating than before. Previously, I absolutely loathe it mainly for two reasons: 1) upload per file is limited to 5 then to 10 Mb (which is as good as 0.0 Mb in both cases), and 2) an embedded user interface that forces you to click here-and-there and everywhere else just to find where that certain darn command is.

Anyway, they have increased the file upload limitation to 50 Mb per file, and they cleaned up the user interface. Although I will still use my homepage to upload my files, I will complain less whenever I am “forced” to upload my files to Putra LMS as commanded by UPM authorities.

Now, as mentioned earlier, I was “forced” to attend the compulsory Putra LMS. Why attend when I already know how to use Putra LMS (or even if I am stuck, I can probably find the solution by myself)? Anyway, I was “asked” to attend the workshop so that I may be, like, the resource person for my department. Yeah, right. I wait patiently for my first call for help.

Anyway, I must be in some Zen-like state of mind or something because, at the end, I was rather glad I attended the workshop. At least, I got to know about the changes in Putra LMS, so at the end, I now hate less Putra LMS!



  1. Thanks for explaining PUTRA LMS but I’m not sure how to log in into the Putra LMS,ive tried log in with both matrix and ic number but still i cant log in.. mind to tell me how to log in?

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