Complain for complain sake

Lim Kit Siang, the leader of DAP opposition party, recently complained about an Iraqi chap doing his Ph.D. at  USM who could not understand or speak in English.

“PhD student in USM who does not understand English or Malay!” screams Kit Siang’s blog title. This is his response to Bernama news article. However, if you read that short news article, the story is actually about a Ph.D. Iraqi student being detained by the police for reckless driving and causing death to another university student at USM.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is indeed shocking that a student (Iraqi or not) in any local university simply cannot understand a word of English — even this is debatable, perhaps the Iraqi cannot express himself well enough in English, or he is in a state of shock or waiting for representation from his embassy — the news article is just too brief.

The Bernama news item is about a serious incident: the death of a student due to a reckless driving accident. Bypassing that scene and only seeing the fact that the perpetrator cannot understand English as an indication of USM’s standard of English is, well, careless and inappropriate. It’s like a man who is rushed to the doctor for a serious gunshot wound, but the doctor only complains about the man’s dirty shirt which is badly stained with blood.

Kit Siang’s blog summarizes what I think of DAP: lots of complaining. It is very easy to pick any topic and criticize/complain non-stop. See, I even complaining now! It’s easy…try and see.


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